Hans Peter Salentin / Laura & Kristina Marti International Jazz project (Germany- Ukraine)
This May, Ukraine saw a unique tour of Laura & Kristina Marti and Hans Peter Salentin international jazz project. Laura & Kristina Marti presented a joint program with the European jazz trumpeter Hans Peter Salentin.
Laura & Kristina Marti met Hans Peter Salentin in 2015 during summer master classes in Poland. It was then that the idea to set up a joint project of the authors' jazz music was born. Goals and dreams are achieved in proportion to the belief and work invested to translate them into reality. Thanks to the program prepared by the authors, which consists of compositions by Hans Peter Salentin, Laura & Kristina Marti, as well as the pianist Nataliya Lebedeva, and support provided by Jazz in Kiev production center, we managed to organize and conduct the tour of Ukraine by the international jazz project. The concerts were held in Lviv, Kiev and Odessa.

Thanks to the audiences and everyone who helped to realize this project!
It was an unforgettable time of creativity, concerts and master classes.
We are already looking forward to having the album with this program recorded.
See you again, Hans Peter Salentin!
The project featured:
Hans Peter Salentin — trumpet
Laura Marti — vocals
Kristina Marti — vocals
Nataliya Lebedeva — keyboards
Igor Zakus — bass
Roman Yakovchuk — drums